Welcome to the PyStack

What is the PyStack, you might wonder.
We have realized that there is a high demand in open-source GIS for programming Python, automating QGIS, and developing QGIS plugins. That is what we termed the PyStack. In short:
Python + PyQGIS + Plugins = PyStack


Python is a programming language and has become the most commonly used language in GIS programming. It is easy to learn and it is extremely flexible, hence its popularity in GIS.


PyQGIS is a set of libraries that let you programmatically influence, automate, or extend QGIS.


The greatest thing about QGIS: anyone can extend it with plugins. A huge community has developed around these plugins and an increasing number of people are interested in programming their own plugins.

What we offer

We offer two ways to help you get your own plugin. It is quite simple: either we do the work or you do the work. Now, let us elaborate on that


We offer training in PyQGIS. We teach three separate classes:

  • Introduction to PyQGIS
  • Object-oriented programming in Python and PyQt
  • QGIS Plugin development

We offer these courses individually, or as a package, the PyStack package.

The PyStack package is offered every four months in German only, but you can book individual schoolings in English as well. We're happy to come to you, just let us know!



If you do not have the time to invest in learning and mastering Python and PyQGIS we can do the programming for you.

We've gathered experience in QGIS plugin development and we have completed simple to complex plugins for various companies and agencies.

Contact us for an offer now